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SoBerry Clean - Chemical Free All Natural Soapberry Soapnuts for your Laundry.

Soapberries, also known as Soapnuts


A Green Alternative for Your Laundry Needs


Wild Harvested

Our mission is to make the world a cleaner place by offering our clients an eco-friendly way to get their laundry done.  Wild harvested Soapberries are a chemical free, a paraben free, and a fragrance free way to clean laundry.  If this piques your curiosity, read on to learn more about what these great little berries can do for you (and our earth)--while also saving you money.


A Berry Cleans My Laundry?

Yes!  Soapberries clean your laundry.  In fact, soapberries have been a part of the ayurvedic tradition for over a thousand years.  Soapberries make for a simple transition to a healthier and greener way to get your laundry clean.  These berries, also called soapnuts, contain saponin which is a natural surfactant.  No chemistry set required.  Surfactants are the ingredient in soap that separates the dirt, oils, and the like from your clothes.  So, because these berries have saponin in them, when you put them in your washer with your clothes, they get the job done.  Simple and effective.  As these are only berries, there are no chemicals going into your clothes or your grey water.

The reasons are many to make the switch.  Allergies, sensitive skin, and a desire to reduce the chemicals released into our groundwater are just a few motivators to try out soapberries.  They are highly effective and allow us to save our environment by avoiding harmful chemicals.  Soapberries are a chemical, paraben, and fragrance free way to clean laundry.  The soapberries from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree are the best known.  While there are other varieties out there, the Sapindus Mukorossi soapberries have the most consistent and effective saponin content.

Soapberries are quite economical.  A one pound bag, which costs $24.95, lasted our family of four eight whole months!  Our youngest was 5 months when we began using soapberries, so we had a plethora of laundry to be cleaned.  Soapberries cleaned our laundry effectively and efficiently.  We felt so great about how well they cleaned our laundry and how we were reducing our footprint on the earth, that we decided to begin our SoBerry Clean adventure.


"How Do I Use Soapberries?" you ask.


These little berries are remarkably easy to use.  Toss four of the soapberries into the provided washbag, and place them directly into the washing machine with your clothes.  That is right, directly into the washer with your clothes.  What will happen is, the saponin that is in the soapberry will be released into the wash water with your clothes and this in combination with your washing machine running its cycle will get your clothes completely clean.  Mother Nature provided us with what we need to clean our clothes!  Simply amazing.

Then, when you are removing your clothes to either toss them in the dryer or hang them on the line, you can put the soapberries right back into the washing machine for more, as they are able to be used again and again.  You will continue to use the soapberries until they turn into what looks a bit like parchment paper.  These are the little pieces that no longer contain that cleaning agent, saponin.  Every so often, check out your wash bag and remove the bits of soapberry that no longer contain saponin.  We compost these pieces.  Replace what you have removed, being sure that there are always the equivalent of four soapberries in your wash bag.  Using half of a soapberry is totally fine, too.


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